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Consulting firm established by a BigLaw attorney
with 30 years of premier firm experience.

We know what you need and we're here to help you whenever you need us.

A unique mentoring firm specifically dedicated to helping BigLaw associates (and future associates).
Seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Since is an outside consulting firm, associates can be comfortable that our mentoring is provided with complete confidentiality, their questions, career goals and aspirations are thoughtfully considered by a sophisticated BigLaw mentor and their identities are never shared with their BigLaw firm or any of its partners.

For BigLaw Firms

Law firms are increasingly investing in career guidance for their associates for a variety of reasons. Providing mentoring services to your lawyers through an outside consulting firm is a way for your firm to actively manage and cultivate associate talent, while at the same time providing a significant perq to your associates in a way that completely protects your associates' confidentiality.

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For BigLaw Associates

BigLaw sanity. We all want it. We talk about a work-life balance -- but it is highly elusive and difficult to achieve. BigLaw associates may be among the most confused young professionals in all fields.

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For Law Students

Many law students want to understand what it's really like to work in BigLaw. Moreover, they want to know how to get a shot at working in BigLaw. What is BigLaw really looking for? Conversely, how can you project an image that fits what BigLaw wants?

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